About Us

TeaTown is a small family business with a big network and bright goals.

Our main objective is bringing premium quality Chinese teas to the enjoyment of people living in the UK. Another thing that we do, and that goes along very well with tea, is creating a relaxed atmosphere. We will soon go beyond the realm of tea and teaware, and extend our range to lighting and all kinds of related little things that help creating a chilled out, comfortable, cosy place anywhere you want.

We first met Chinese teas over 15 years ago, and quite quickly became avid aficionados because of their subtle works. Unlike alcohol and other mind altering substances popular in the Western culture, one hardly notices the physical and mental changes brought by Chinese teas until their effects become obvious. Like finding oneself dancing at 4 in the morning after an early start to a busy day and a small pot of tea after 8.

Being a small family venture, we decided not to make a big stock in the UK (which is not so good for tea anyway). We do keep small amounts of the most popular teas, and have our vast network of growers in China on standby, ready to send over small amounts when necessary. That is why backorders can take up to two weeks to be delivered. On the other hand, this helps us avoid the traditional sea routes, which deteriorate tea leaves with all the humidity and such. And allows us to offer a wide range of the best teas available on this planet.

Our teas are sourced individually from the best producers in China and Taiwan, and imported by ground and air routes. This keeps them dry and allows for distinct quality, rare on the UK market. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.