Dong Ding


Frozen Summit is a slightly fermented tea rolled into dense hemispheres, resulting in a particularly fresh infusion, and reputed to help digestion

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Frozen Summit oolong is a slightly fermented tea rolled into dense hemispheres. Dong Ding is one of the most famous Taiwanese oolongs in the world, and one of the first Taiwanese oolongs. It was first brought to Taiwan from the Fujian province in 1810. The best Dong Ding grows on the Frozen Summit mountain at an altitude of 700 m.
This oolong tea has a slightly floral aroma. It is made by either of two technologies: the green one and thick one. Both the resulting teas give a particular coolness, but the tones and nuances of the tea’s taste and smell do differ. Normally, it is an industrially processed tea, but there is a purely manual technology. Dong Ding is reputed to help digestion.
Best brewed at 100°C, up to 5 times.

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