Iron Goddess of Mercy is said to help thinking, quench thirst, energise, calm down, neutralize toxins, prevent disease, and reduce weight.

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Tieguanyin, also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy or Iron Bodhisattva of Compassion, is carefully handpicked from different areas of the Anxi county of Fujian province, and refined through an elaborate process.
This special oolong is one of China’s Famous Teas and it excels in all its qualities, boasting a pleasant, long-lasting aroma, a fresh, pleasant taste and a rich amber colour of the infusion.
Tieguanyin keeps its flavour even after seven infusions. It is said to raise the spirits, help thinking, quench thirst, give energy, have a calming effect, neutralize toxins, prevent disease, and reduce weight.
Best brewed at 100°C, up to 7 times.

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