A Li Shan


One of the five most famous Taiwanese oolongs, A Li Shan gives a distinctive olive-golden brew with a bright flavour, reminiscent of cranberry and honey.

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This oolong tea from the A Li mountain is one of the five most famous Taiwanese oolongs. It grows at an altitude of 2200-2600 meters, which makes Taiwanese tea the highest grown tea in the world.
The processed tea leaves are glossy, tightly rolled, with a bright, greenish-gold colour. When brewed, the unfurled leaves are beautifully curved, shiny, with reddish veins.
A Li Shan oolong gives a distinctive, translucent, olive-golden brew with a bright, memorable flavour. The taste bouquet is light, reminiscent of cranberry and honey.
A Li Shan oolong is said to promote weight loss by means of the theine, vitamins and other micronutrients contained in tea.
Best brewed at 100°C, up to 10 times.

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