How to brew tea

There are many ways to prepare tea. There is even more teaware…

A few essential rules:

  1. The water should have a low content of dissolved calcium and magnesium mineral salts, up to 80 mg per litre, and preferably with calcium levels of up to 45-50 mg/l. Soft, slightly alkaline, with a fresh, slightly sweet taste.
  2. water2

  3. The water should not be brought to a boil – the brewing temperature is roughly 90-95°C. When drinking unfermented varieties, water can be cooled down to 85-90 degrees – this will reduce the risk of overbrewing and bitterness, but you can also just remember that all the fresh enzymes should be taken out of water quite quickly for a proper brew.
  4. For the simplest way of brewing tea you will need a mug (0.26-0.28 litres), a tea spoon, a strainer, tea leaves and hot water. Preheat the mug with a splash of hot water, put in one teaspoon of leaves (3-4 grams). That holds true for almost any variety, but if the leaves are large and twisted into needles better use two teaspoons, and if the leaves come in large tips use one heaping spoon. Fill the mug with hot water. Brew it for about 2-3 minutes for the first time, and then for 4-5 minutes for the second time. Some varieties can even yield a third brew.