5 facts you probably didn’t know about tea…

#1. The Chinese have the concept of ‘jewels of tea’.

These are: aroma, colour of the infusion, quality of tea leaves, and short or long-term effects on the human body. Taste, sometimes also included in this list , has never actually been considered one of tea’s top features in China.
#2. The degree of fermentation cannot be measured experimentally.
The approximate range of oxidation degrees defined for groups of teas has been obtained through the analysis of chemical interactions of compounds in differently processed teas.

#3. The most ancient way of brewing tea is boiling it on fire.
In the 13th century, this method was described in the ‘Cha Ching’ (Tea Canon) scrolls of the Chinese master Lu Yu. In his time, however, tea was usual ground and infused.

#4. Green tea contains more theine (a derivative of caffeine) than black tea.
Sometimes, however, black teas invigorate more, quicker, and longer than their lighter counterparts.

#5. All the teas on this picture are oolongs.
Oolongs are a group of teas classified between green and red teas and combining their properties.
The ‘Black Dragons’ (literal translation) from the South and North of Fujian province, from Guangdong province, and from the island of Taiwan can be had all year round – they are very different in action and taste.