Main ways of brewing tea

GAIWAN – pouring through pourcelain.
One of the most practical ways of brewing and having tea that emerged from “collective” tea drinking.
Its simplicity and accessibility make it especially attractive for modern day city dwellers.
“Simple tea” – a method that does not require any special skills, but allows to experience the full spectrum of tastes and aromas of this drink. Appeared in the 13th-15th centuries.
pin cha
Brewing tea on a flame.
The mosi ancient method known today. A glass kettle on a burner allows to observe the interaction of fire and water, joined later by tea to create a triad from the original duo.
Mostly used with red and black (pu-erh) teas.
on flame
“Tea with effort”, tea ceremony – a method used only for brewing oolongs and requiring the use of special teaware to reveal more subtle facets of the aroma and tones of taste. It was used as a marketing move by Taiwanes tea traders in the early 20th century.gongfu cha