A little bit of history…

5-6000 years ago. there lived a man named Shennong, who is also sometimes called the First tea Deity. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to tell who he was – a Chinese emperor or a God of Medicine, but his name is always tied to the beginning of the journey of tea.

About 3200 years ago.The first documented mention of a tree, whose leaves have a slightly bitter taste and an energising effect on the body – most probably, this description refers to a tea tree.
8th century. The first “Tea canon” book is published. It was the result of many years of research and trips to tea producer’s plantations of the famous writer Lu Yui. That is how we learned the most ancient known way of brewing the drink – boiling on fire, and the essential qualities of the water appropriate to brew.
9th-10th centuries. A monk took tea bushes and planted them near mountains in Japan. From that moment, tea’s journey around the world started.
11th-12th centuries. Famous for the collection of the first harvest of Japanese tea and the appearance of the tea ceremony itself. The widely known teaware is still being used since then.
Tea started appearing in Europe brought from China in the XVI-XVII centuries by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English.
The Chinese tea bush grows in Darjeeling, that is why this particular kind of tea i the best among Indian teas.