Da Hong Pao


Wuyi Mountain Oolong
This variety of oolong tea is produced in the area in the Wuyi region, in northern Fujian province. Due to the diversity of its natural world and its unique culture, this area was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage. The combination of red mountains and turquoise riversin the area leave no-one indifferent. Wuyi is considered the birthplace of oolong teas. They were first produced here around 1650. Wuyi Yan Cha is a heavily roasted tea leaf of longitudinal twist. This tea is good fresh but also suitable for aging, with the years it looses greenness and gains fruit and honey notes. Further treatment is also possible in the form of so-called Hong Pei – additional annealing / roasting.

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Big Red robe
As much as we would love to truly say that our Da Hong Pao is harvested from the legendary three parent bushes and made using the ancient monastery technology, but that is really not possible without a constant monitoring of the process. Still, we share only top quality tea guaranteeing its interesting effect, bright aroma and taste. It is up to you to believe in legends or not. Our grades depend on the height of harvesting of raw leaves and on the degree of roasting (there are more tart types).


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